Library Bar & Lobby Lounge

Library Bar – in the library with a fireplace

Enjoy pleasant moments with friends over a glass of great wine or spirits and relax in the intimate atmosphere of our bar in front of an open fireplace with a book, newspaper or magazine. 

Lobby Lounge – an ideal place for meetings

A elegantly lighted hotel hall with galleries, hand-craftedl ceilings is the perfect place for short meetings and social occasions.  

Cocktails, tea & coffee specialties, and delicious snacks are served in the Library Bar and the Lobby lounge.

The lobby lounge and the Library Bar are open daily!   

Please do not hesitate to contact our events service for reservations, these are perfect places for short meetings and informal gatherings.

Tel.: + 421 2 59 49 05 00

Fax: + 421 2 59 49 05 55